The Power of Meditation

With years of research and various studies being conducted, science has constantly been proving the benefits of meditation. Experts suggest meditation holds power to heighten up the levels of concentration and self-awareness. As the popularity of meditation is increasing, people are becoming more and more apprehensive about its benefits. Meditation expands its horizons of benefits towards elevating mood, reducing stress, improving sleep, and so much more. Let’s understand the power of meditation more deeply. Following are some of the irresistible benefits that mediation holds for our brain and body.

  1. Reduces stress

In today’s time, everyone is dealing with stress due to personal reasons. It is one of the leading causes why people turn towards meditation. Stress stimulates the release of cortisol which can induce harmful effects on the body, including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc. Meditation counters these symptoms by evoking calmness in one’s body. A study in 2019 concluded that meditation reduces distressing psychological effects in individuals. Research also suggested that meditation can essentially improve stress symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowels, and fibromyalgia.

the power of meditation
  1. Combats anxiety

One of the most significant benefits of meditation is that it helps in the reduction of anxiety. Anxiety and stress are interrelated; therefore, when stress is reduced, anxiety lowers down as well. Research proves that meditation and mindfulness exercises can significantly help in controlling anxiety. Meditation paves the way for you towards positivity which improves your sense of well-being, eventually reducing anxiety. A study conducted over the period of 8 weeks resulted in meditation reducing the anxiety’s symptoms and improving their ability to cope with anxiety disorder.

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  1. Boosts concentration span

Meditation allows you to expand your focus, concentration and improve memory to a great extent. It enhances your visual span and improves your cognitive skills, making it one of the most notable benefits of meditation on health. A study in 2016 conducted at Carnegie Mellon University concluded that meditation could improve concentration and decision-making. One review also reached a deduction that meditation holds the ability to reverse patterns in your brain that can help with worrying, poor attention, and mind-wandering.

  1. Promotes self-awareness

Self-awareness refers to gaining a better understanding of yourself and growing into being a better person. Meditation can be highly effective in helping you grab a better perception of your surroundings. It allows you to encounter all the pessimist thoughts and let them pass away without reacting to them. Only when you are more aware of your ideas and habits can you navigate them towards productivity and positivity. A study including 153 adults concluded that the individuals experienced diminished levels of loneliness and were better able to be social after practicing mindfulness meditation.

the power of meditation
  1. Helps with addiction

With the self-control and awareness that one develops through meditation, quitting addictive habits become way more manageable. A wide number of studies have shown that meditation is one of the most effective measures of regaining control over different types of addictions. Whether it’s alcohol addiction, smoking, or over-eating, meditation can prove to be really beneficial in helping you get your life back on track. A study in 2018, published in Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation, stated that mindful meditation could assist in preventing future relapses for people suffering from addictions. It is because meditation produces a therapeutic effect that ignites the feeling of pleasure.

  1. Generates kindness

We have already stated that meditation induces positivity in a person’s aura, and the best feature that comes out of it is kindness. It helps you exhibit kinder thoughts and actions towards other people. You also feel more capable of inculcating a sense of forgiveness in yourself, which isn’t only limited to friends and towards your enemies. People usually envision a loved one in their minds and wish them happiness and love. This simple act can foster the feeling of compassion in you explains the power of meditation itself. And it’s not just s theory; even science backs it with facts. An analysis of 22 studies substantiates that meditation can increase an individual’s ability to be more compassionate.

  1. Controls pain

Pain has direct contact with the mind, and meditation has its significant impact on our cognitive abilities. Experts suggest that meditating regularly can help with controlling pain. People who meditate and don’t meditate can experience the same level of pain, but meditators hold a better ability to deal with pain together with lower sensations as compared to the others. A combination of 38 studies proves the health benefits of meditation by stating that it can be supremely helpful in alleviating pain, improving the quality of life, and reducing depression.

  1. Improves sleep

A large variety of people have to suffer from insomnia at least once in their life. You might know people around you dealing with frustration and relying on medications to help them sleep. Studies suggest that meditation can be incredibly helpful in improving sleep problems. A study demonstrated that meditation helped people sleep longer and reduce the severity of insomnia compared to participants who did not practice meditation. Through meditation, your body zones into a state of relaxation and peace, making it easier for you to fall asleep. It undeniably has to be one of the best health benefits of meditation as it solves one of the most prevalent problems of the time.

the power of meditation
  1. Assists with memory loss problems

When it comes to the power of meditation, it holds dominant control over the functions of your brain to make it operate more optimally. People with age tend to suffer from several brain issues like dementia because your brain doesn’t stay that attentive and clear with time. However, meditation holds power to keep your brain forever young. Kirtan Kriya is a form of meditation that works with the periodic motion of fingers to concentrate on your thought patterns. Studies based on this type of meditation deduced that people with age-related memory loss showed substantial improvement in their neuropsychological performance.


Meditation holds the supreme power of improving physical, mental, and emotional health using various styles and techniques. The best part about meditation is that you can practice it anywhere, without the need for any equipment of any sort. All you have to do is practice it for a few minutes a day and enjoy a better quality of life.

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