8 Plants That You Can Easily Grow in Water

You are already familiar with outdoor plants that grow in the soil. However, not everyone can have those plants due to some restrictions. The first restriction is that many people do not have enough space to grow them and the second is that they require you to regularly invest a lot of time and energy for their maintenance and growth. So why not find some plants that grow in water?

First off, they don’t take much space and also you don’t have to spend a lot of time on their maintenance and growth. You can grow them in an aquatic medium anywhere in your home or office & they will just look perfectly elegant and attractive.

 Whether you are looking for some indoor plants that grow in water or just exploring the internet to know more about aquatic plants, you are at the right place because, in this article, we are going to share some of the best plants that grow in water.

So let’s take a deeper dive because there’s a lot to learn for you.

1- Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo shown is one of various plants that you can grow in water

Lucky bamboo is a well-organized and structured plant that shows excellent growth in water. The botanical name of this plant is Dracaena sanderiana. What we have observed is that this plant looks really good & attractive in narrow vases due to its structure. However, you can also try different sizes of vases depending upon the size of the plant. 

One thing that you need to make sure of while planting is that the roots of bamboo plants are completely submerged in water because only then it will be able to survive and show good growth. We also recommend you add some pebbles and gravels around the roots of the plant so that the plant gets firm support. 

2- Rubber Plant

The botanical name of the rubber plant is Ficus Elastica. This plant is also a great option for those who are looking for an indoor plant due to its large and attractive waxy leaves. Although it shows a little bit of slow growth in water, however, the wait will always be worth it.

If you don’t have any idea about how to start then here’s a small step by step guideline for you:

  • Take a stem cutting of rubber plant (preferably 6-8 inches long) & remove any leaves from its bottom end.
  • Take a container of clean water and put the stem cutting inside it.
  • Keep that container away from exposure to direct sunlight and place it at a place where it is exposed to indirect light.
  • Maintain it regularly and you will see it growing in about the next 3-4 months.

3- Pothos

The pothos plant shown is one of various plants that you can grow in water

If you are looking for a water-growing plant that looks elegant & attractive wherever you place it then pothos is one of them. The botanical name of pothos is Epipremnum Aureum. This plant can easily survive in water & show good growth.

The interesting thing about Pothos is that its leaves are heart-shaped and give a charming & relaxing outlook to the surroundings of the place wherever you place it. You can decorate your kitchen shelf, study table, or office desk with Pothos and it will look wonderful everywhere.

However, make sure to change the water of the plant every week regularly to maintain the oxygen level available for the plant. It’s because the plants regularly absorb the oxygen from that water and if you will not change it regularly then the amount of oxygen available to plants will start depleting and the plants will have to struggle to grow & survive.

4- Dumb Cane

The botanic name of the dumb cane plant is the Dieffenbachia species. This plant is renowned for its remarkable beauty and smooth growth in the water. Dumb cane is among the list of best indoor plants that grow in water because it requires very little to no maintenance and care. 

You can easily grow it at your home. All you have to do is to take a six inches long stem cutting and place it in a clean water container. Put the container at a place where it can receive indirect light and avoid its exposure to direct sunlight. Always wear safety gloves while clipping the stem of this plant because it contains toxic sap that can cause skin irritation upon exposure. 

5- Chinese Ever-green

The problem that some people face with indoor water growing plants is the less availability of light which makes the plants yellowish and dull. 

Chinese evergreen plant is a great solution to all such problems because it shows tremendous growth even in poor light conditions and doesn’t even require you to spend a lot of time maintaining it. You can place it in any of your bright rooms and it will brighten up the surroundings with its marvelous beauty. 

6- Spider Plant

The spider plant shown is a plant that you  can grow in water

The botanic name of the spider plant is chlorophytum comosum. The plant has a striking resemblance in structure to an actual spider. Its leaves are grown outwards from the center like the legs of a spider. They have a wonderful appearance which will amplify the beauty of the surroundings. 

You can grow them in a water jar and keep them healthy by changing the water after every third day.

7- Arrowhead

The Arrowhead plant shown is a plant that you can grow in water

The botanic name of the arrowhead plant is Syngonium Podophyllum. It is called an arrowhead because its leaves have a sharp edge structure exactly like an arrowhead. The plant looks amazing in appearance and can be used for decorating numerous places. Grow it in a clean water vase or jar and change the water after every 3 days to ensure that the plant gets adequate oxygen to grow & survive. 

8- Begonia

The Begonia plant is renowned for surviving even in tough & warm weather. Their thick & waxy leaves make them a very good choice for indoor plants. There are different types of begonia plants out there but the ones that are feasible for growing in water are the tuberous, wax, rex, and angle-wing begonias. 

Growing the begonia plant is very easy. If you want to grow a wax begonia, you can just take a stem cutting and put it in a clean water glass or container. However, if you are more into growing the tuberous, rex, & angel-wing begonia plants then only a leaf with stem intact will be the way to go for you.

The bottom line is that all types of begonia plants look attractive and make the best choice for an attractive display.

Guide for Successfully Growing Plants in Water

Many people often fail with growing plants in water because they are just doing it the wrong way. So here’s an effective, proven, and tested guide by experts that will help you effectively grow plants in water:

  1. Pick the Right Plant 

Always keep in mind that not every plant can grow in water and there are only a few specific ones that can do so. You can either choose from the ones we mentioned above or explore further suitable options.

  • Take Fresh Stem Cuttings or Leaves

No matter which type of plant you are growing, you must have fresh stem cuttings or leaves to start with. Only then you will be able to see growth.

  • Change Water Regularly

You just cannot put a plant to grow in water & then forget about it. Remember that the plants absorb oxygen from the water in which you have put them to grow. You have to regularly change the water to keep it fresh and supply the plant with the required oxygen.

  • Exposure to Light

Keep the plants at such a location where they are exposed to indirect light because the light is important for their growth. However, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or too heated places like radiators, burners, and woodstoves, etc.

Why Choose Plants that Grow in Water?

Here you might be wondering what’s so special about plants that grow in water and why you should grow them. So here’s why you should choose plants that grow in water:

  1.  Less Space

You don’t need a big garden for growing aquatic plants. Just put the plant in a water glass or jar & you are ready to grow them anywhere you want.

  •  Less Maintenance

Plants that grow in water are easy to maintain. You don’t have to dig the ground around them regularly or remove the herbs. This is why they are a neat & clean solution.

  • More Attractive & Decorative

You can place the water-growing plants in your room, office desk, kitchen shelf, or any other indoor location. They will always look more attractive & decorative. 

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