Oolong Tea For Weight Loss: Get In Shape While You Sleep

There aren’t many people that haven’t ventured into various diets and weight loss programs at some point in their life. Dreaded diets and workout challenges, alongside nutritional plans, often overwhelm those that wish to shed some weight. Restricted diets and practices often result in a heavy struggle. The reason for that is usually pretty simple, but people tend to forget about it. Slow metabolism. A problem that makes a weight loss journey even more challenging. Getting the ideal weight and body form requires time, patience, dedication, and a nudge from your digestion system.

Oolong tea is the game-changer

Luckily, science never gives up on revealing the new and fascinating ways our bodies interact with what we consume. The simple truth is this interaction sometimes occurs in your fat cells. The great thing is you can do something about it. The “trick” is simple; go get yourself an herbal tea because it can actually help you lose some weight. Oolong tea in particular.

But, first, let’s be completely honest. A cup of tea each day is not likely to get you back into those jeans you’re keeping in the back of your closet for when you can fit in them again. That said, there is new research that suggests tea can help you lose some weight. That is if it follows a sensible diet and physical activity. Interesting fact; you can trim about 300 calories from your total daily calorie consumption.

How does Oolong tea help break down fats?

The reason for this lies in a type of flavonoid called catechins that boost metabolism and assist your metabolism in breaking down fats more quickly. Since many teas have caffeine that increases energy consumption, your body burns more calories. Besides, once you lose weight, Oolong tea will help you keep it off by preventing the metabolism slowdown that typically occurs after shedding a few pounds.

All tea types come from the leaves Camellia sinensis, which are processed differently, making every tea slightly different.

Oolong tea helps with weight loss overnight

Oolong tea is pretty unique because of its excellent benefits when it comes to weight loss. Get this, Oolong tea can help you drop some pounds while your sleeping! And this is backed up by science, proved by a study by the University of Tsukuba. In the research published in the journal Nutrients, scientists found that just two cups of the traditional oolong tea fire up the metabolism and revs up fat-burning processes in your body.

This incredible type of tea is produced predominantly in China’s Fujian and Guangdong provinces and Taiwan. It’s a partially oxidized tea, somewhere in between green and fully oxidized black tea. Interesting fact, the literal translation of Oolong is “black dragon.”

Oolong tea has a long list of benefits

Oolong tea contains around 31mg of caffeine per 100 ml. The long list of health benefits of oolong tea has been studied throughout history. The people of China have traditionally been drinking it to help with weight management, reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and protect the heart. They also noted that drinking this type of tea help with brain function.

Leaving oolong tea leaves in the hot sun gets you excellent tea, rich in catechins. A study found that more than two-thirds of overweight people who consumed it daily for six weeks lost more than two pounds and some belly fat.

To be specific, results have shown that oolong tea increased fat breakdown by 20 percent compared to those who drank a placebo. What is even more impressive, the effects of the oolong tea were sustained. And another benefit; Oolong did not appear to have adverse effects on the sleep patterns, which can disrupt energy metabolism if it is negatively affected.

The polyphenols in Oolong tea help fire up your system by boosting the metabolism by ten percent while burning your belly and upper arm fat. The Epigallo Catechins (EGCG), alongside caffeine works accelerates fat oxidation.

Calorie-free oolong tea also regulates blood sugar levels, increases satiety, and blocks fats and carbohydrates’ absorption. This type of tea also lowers bad cholesterol in the body by upregulating LDL receptors in the liver. Also, Oolong helps to prevent diabetes by inhibiting alpha-glucosidase.

By increasing the digestive system’s pH levels, oolong tea prevents stomach ulcers, bacterial infection, and acid reflux.

So, there’s that. The bottom line is Oolong tea helps nullify all the weight gain causes and assists in losing weight. All you have to do is drink it! Let’s break down the preparation of this fantastic tea.

How to prepare Oolong tea for weigt loss

Make sure to buy a good quality Oolong tea. There are a few methods of preparing the tea to consume for weight loss.

Oolong tea leaves

Bring a cup of water to a boil, and then remove it from the flame. Add one teaspoon of Oolong tea leaves and put a lid on. Wait for five minutes, and then strain the tea into a cup before you drink it.

Oolong tea and lemon juice

Put Oolong tea leaves into a cup of hot water and let it steep for five to seven minutes. Strain the tea and add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Stir it well before drinking.

Oolong tea and Green tea

Bring a cup of water to boil and then immediately remove it from the flame. Put one teaspoon of Oolong and one teaspoon of green tea into the water. Let it steep for three and a half minutes. Strain the tea before drinking.

Oolong and Cinnamon

Put the cinnamon stick in a cup of water and leave it overnight. The next day, boil the water with the stick in it. Wait till the water level drops for a half. Remove it from the flame and put Oolong tea leaves into it using a filter. Make sure you let it steep for 2-3 minutes. Remove the cinnamon and the tea leaves in the filter before drinking.

Now that you know the best methods for preparing the Oolong tea, you will be glad to know when is the best time to consume it for weight loss. It’s best if you drink it in the morning with breakfast. You can also take it 30 minutes before a meal or drink it alongside your evening snack.

Other health benefits of Oolong tea

Studies have shown that Oolong tea consumption helps relieve stress by improving serotonin levels and preventing depression, leading to emotional overeating. OOlong promotes heart health by reducing bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also reduces the risk of diabetes, coronary artery disease, and obesity.

Alongside that, Oolong tea boosts the immune system by neutralizing the free oxygen radicals. It contains calcium and magnesium that prevent loss of bone mass, preventing osteoporosis and arthritis.

Did you know that Oolong te helps fight cancer? It is an excellent source of antioxidants that prevent DNA damage and control cell proliferation.

Oolong even improves skin health and prevents skin diseases such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, skin redness, microbial infections, itchy and flaky skin. If you want glowy skin, Oolong tea is your answer. It even prevents tooth decay by balancing the pH levels and inhibiting microbial growth.

Now that we’ve covered all the benefits of Oolong tea for your well-being, you should also know the dosage. Do not overdo it; anything in excess might be harmful. Balance is key. If you want to lose weight, you should drink two to three cups a day. If you drink too much, you will not lose weight more quickly.

The final word

If you wish to shed some pounds, Oolong tea is an excellent way to go. A few cups a day will give you a big nudge into your weight-loss goals. Keep one important thing in mind, though. Don’t expect miracles from the tea; it should be just one part of your lifestyle choices that include a healthy diet and physical activity.

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