Connecting With Your Higher Self Through Meditation

Our higher self is the pure consciousness that is one with the source energy and exists at a much higher vibrational plane than our soul. Our higher self is aware of the journey our soul has undertaken over all our lifetimes, our life purpose, and of the spiritual lessons we must master and the gifts we possess. It is the embodiment of the pure divine light that flows through all of us, and is unobstructed or uninhibited by anything that is a part of our 3D material existence.

higher self meditation

Our higher self is not only aware of the energetic blueprint of our current life on earth, but of all the lives we have lived, and can assist us in reaching our highest potential; helping us awaken, guiding us towards our ascension.

So how can we differentiate between our soul and our higher self? Although both are energetic entities, our soul is present in this physical realm, housed by our body, which is a vessel for it. Our higher self, on the other hand, is not part of the 3D realm we live in and is channeled by our soul, to fulfill our life purpose, and to align us to our destiny. In other words, our higher self is responsible for directing our soul towards our mission in that particular lifetime.

higher self meditation

Needless to say, higher self meditation is a meditative practice that allows us to tap into the infinite wisdom our higher self holds; allowing us to grow spiritually, embody our divinity, and be one with source energy.

If you notice random synchronicities around you, whether it be repeating numbers or random nudges towards something you have been thinking about or needed clarity over, it’s a sign that your higher self is reaching out to you, and is trying to guide you.

Our higher self is always watching over us, trying to move us towards a peaceful, loving, and joyous existence. They are eager to help us navigate the challenges life throws at us, helping us lead a more harmonious life.

So how do we exactly go about contacting our higher self? How can we communicate with them?

Since our higher self is always looking over us, showing us the way, all we need is to set an intention, and then allow the guidance to come to us. Higher self meditation is one of the best ways to do so. Following are the steps that are involved in a higher self meditation.

1. Stillness

Embracing stillness is a great way to tune out the world, and to just relax and be one with the universe. Find a quiet corner to spend some time just breathing in, soaking in all that surrounds you. As you tune out the outer world, and the worries of your daily life, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and set an intention to connect with your higher self. Welcome your higher self and all the wisdom and guidance they have to bring forth, setting an intention to trust that it will always be in our highest good. Imagine receiving the positivity, pure love, and healing light that our higher self brings in, and thank them for it.

higher self meditation

Breathe out deeply, and sit in silence, allowing our higher self to come in, as the mental chatter quiets down.

This process can take some time to show visible results, as our minds are wired to get in the way, and we might take some time to realize the communication we receive from our higher self.

The key here is to simply enjoy the silence, and trust that the guidance we seek and need in the present moment, will always come through, whether instantaneously, or later on, as we go about our daily life. This process is merely opening the door for our higher consciousness to come in and connect with us in the physical realm. As we get used to this, and at quieting our minds, we’ll be better prepared to quickly intercept the guidance from our higher self, maybe even the very instant we reach out to them.

2. Leave Your Thoughts Behind

Another important thing to remember is to let go of any expectations we might have towards the outcome of our meditation, or the guidance that comes through. We might be bothered by a lot of things in our lives, but it’s important to let that go before we start our higher self meditation.

Worry, stress, and negative thoughts can easily block the guidance and healing that we receive from our higher selves.

Hence, it’s important to control our thoughts, practice positive self-talk and self-love daily, to allow ourselves to receive the guidance our higher selves are ready to bring in. Our higher self is pure love and light, they cannot reach us if we view ourselves and the world in a negative light. This does not mean that we need to turn a blind eye to our problems, or those affecting humanity at large, but not dwell on it, or be fearful. We should instead have faith that we can overcome the obstacles in front of us, and make a positive change in our own lives, as well as in society at large.

Our higher self sees us in the divine light that we carry within us, and is aware of our brilliance, and the pure divine love that is present in all of us, regardless of how much of it we access in our everyday life. Practicing self-love and having compassion for ourselves, and accepting our own fragility, and knowing it is only human to make mistakes, as long as we are willing to grow, are all ways we can raise our vibration in order to connect with our higher self, and their love and light.

3. Be Open to Receiving

We often fail to recognize the blocks we have towards receiving higher knowledge, wisdom, or love, and healing. This is because it pushes us towards unknown territories, and asks us to constantly grow and evolve, shedding that which isn’t in our highest good and doesn’t align with the truth and divinity in ourselves.

It is important to know our fears and what triggers us, and in which areas of life we are resistant to change, as this will allow us to differentiate between random mental chatter, or even negative thought patterns, and the promptings from our higher self.

higher self meditation

Our higher self can communicate with us in different ways, and some may be unique to us. That said, our higher self can talk to us through repeating numbers that can signify something, or is relevant to a matter at hand. They can communicate through random songs, or advertisements on the TV that just speak to us, and is just what we needed to hear. Billboard messages, social media pop-ups, there are so many ways our higher self can send us specific messages that we need to hear at the moment.

However, we need to be able to receive the guidance we receive, and not block it subconsciously, just because it isn’t what we were expecting. This is why being aware of our fears and triggers can help us overcome our blocks towards the higher knowledge and wisdom we receive.

We also need to be receptive to the messages our higher self is sending our way, as well as the timeframe or the means through which we receive the guidance. This shows we trust our higher self to always come through and guide us the best way possible.

Another great way to tap into the wisdom our higher self is imparting onto us is through journaling. Journaling helps us clear our mind, and in the process we allow the higher knowledge to flow into our conscious mind.

So take note of random thoughts and promptings that come to mind while journaling, that’s your higher self talking to you.

Communicating With Our Higher Self

Now that we know how to successfully conduct a higher self meditation, let’s look at how we can communicate with our higher self to receive the wisdom that awaits us.

As we set an intention during our higher self meditation, we can be more precise with our communication, than simply seeking guidance towards our greatest good. For example, we can ask for specific guidance regarding an aspect of our life that we need assistance with, or ask for inspiration and insight, especially when in doubt, or seek an answer to a problem we are having a hard time resolving on our own.

Regardless of the guidance we seek, it’s important to trust, let go, and be receptive towards the messages our higher self has for us.

higher self meditation

Be ready to make the necessary changes towards a more harmonious and meaningful existence, that brings joy and contentment, as it requires us to step out of our comfort zone, and discard the conditioning we have received throughout our lives.

This also ushers in more loving and spiritually aligned connections in our life, but we must do the work as well, and be willing to follow the guidance we receive.

Lastly, like everything else, this too is a process, which we get better at with practice, and by supplementing it with healthy habits like practicing self-love and positive self-talk, meditating in general, staying fit, and eating healthy, allowing ourselves to be our best self possible in the physical realm, as our higher self guides us to our destiny and true potential.

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