4 Benefits Of Matcha Milk Tea

With Matcha milk tea becoming widely popular everywhere over time, we can now see it everywhere in the market and its benefits are worth looking into. From the popular tea collection in stores to every other coffee shop, Matcha milk tea is widely familiarized everywhere. This tea has become a cool addition to the herbal and healthy tea collections in the market. And why not? With Matcha milk tea being a healthy and popular herbal tea, it’s certainly worth all that hype. 

Yet, plenty of people today still consider it a popular and tasty herbal tea. Apart from that, not many people are aware of the numerous matcha milk tea benefits. Now, if you’re one of those who have fallen for the sweet taste of this tea and have no idea what other benefits it comes along with, it’s time you explore them in detail. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore some of the highly effective and reliable benefits of Matcha milk tea below in detail. 

Matcha Milk Tea Preparation and Hype:

While Matcha milk tea has become popular today, it has long been there as an herbal tea in the Buddhist tradition. Afterward, this drink became popular among the samurai that consumed it to seek energy before their battles. 

The preparation of the matcha milk tea consists of using young leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Growth of these leaves is performed under shade to enhance the sweet and mild taste of the tea. The matcha that comes from this plant is grown differently, having a unique profile than other plant leaves. 

This process involves growing matcha by covering the tea plants for 20-30 days before the harvesting process. This helps the plant avoid direct sunlight while increasing chlorophyll production. This production process also boosts the amino acid in the plant while giving it a dark green hue. 

benefits of matcha milk tea

After this process, the leaves are then harvested, where their stems and veins are removed. These leaves are then grounded up and turned into fine powder. This powder is called matcha. 

Today, if we talk about the present hype of the Matcha milk tea, this drink has skyrocketed in popularity in various parts of the world, including the U.S, Australia, and Europe. The matcha powder’s unique taste and tremendous health benefits have also made it turn into multiple new beverage options like matcha shots, lattes, and even deserts. 

Benefits of Matcha Milk Tea:

With the entire process of preparing Matcha milk tea, there’s no doubt that this plant and its powder are certainly unique. Therefore, it’s time we explore the health benefits gained by this tasty and healthy drink. 

·      Antioxidant-Rich Plant:

Matcha consists of catechins, a class of plant compounds present in tea that serves as a natural antioxidant. With antioxidants effective enough to help in stabilizing the harmful free radicals in our body, it helps prevent cell damage and chronic diseases. 

Although these benefits are present in the matcha powder, they also come along in the matcha milk tea when you add the powder to hot water. A study shows consuming matcha tea helps reverse damage caused by free radicals. It also helped in enhancing the antioxidant activity in the body. Hence, consuming Matcha milk tea may serve as nothing less due to the rich presence of antioxidants. 

·      Liver Protection:

Since the liver is a crucial part of our body that plays a huge role in flushing out all our body’s toxins, maintaining liver health is essential. Not just that, but the liver also serves in processing nutrients and metabolizing drugs in our body. 

However, it can be a struggle to protect liver health without the right food or liver health-improving products. Here, Matcha milk tea serves as a reliable option for improving liver health. Various studies show the effectiveness of matcha in improving liver health, both in humans and rats. Specifically, an analysis of 15 studies also proves that consumption of green tea can reduce the risks of liver diseases. Now since matcha is also a green tea, its effects are obvious. 

Even a study on rats where matcha was given to them for 15 days showed its effectiveness in preventing kidney and liver damage. 

Hence, no doubt, consuming matcha milk tea would help protect and improve liver health overall. 

·      Improved Brain Function:

When it comes to improving brain function, matcha milk tea has its benefits serving there too. According to research, matcha consists of various components that help in improving the overall brain function. One study performed on 23 people performed the task of analyzing brain function by performing various tasks. A few participants in this study consumed matcha milk tea of 4 grams of matcha bar, while others consumed placebo tea or bar.

By analyzing the results, researchers found great improvement in the people who consumed matcha. This includes improved memory, attention, and reaction time compared to the people who consumed a placebo. Hence, consuming matcha milk tea isn’t only effective for specific body organs and the improved performance of our brain. 

·      Cancer Prevention:

Moving forward to the next notable health benefit of matcha milk tea, this drink, and its herbal powder are effective in preventing cancer. Mainly because matcha is full of health-promoting compounds, and most are linked to cancer prevention in animal and test-tube studies. 

Mainly, matcha is high in epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This is catechin, having powerful anti-cancer properties.

According to a study, EGCG can kill prostate cancer cells. Not just that, but its had effective results against skin, liver, and lung cancer.

While these tests and studies are focused on test tube and animal research, the anti-cancer effects of matcha on humans are still yet to be explored. Yet, there’s no doubt that it will have a positive impact on our body after consumption. 


While these are some notable health benefits of matcha milk tea, this herbal drink benefits don’t just end here. From heart health promotion to effective weight loss and preparation ease, all these benefits also come along when you start consuming this tasty and healthy drink. Besides, it’s not becoming so widely popular in large countries for no reason, right? So it’s time you also explore the amazing taste and health benefits of this HEALTHY DRINK!

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