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The “Pocket Board” is a 13 Watt Convenient Sun powered USB Charging Board intended to Quick Charge control hungry phones and other USB gadgets that can be charged by means of their USB port. This board is evaluated to deliver up to 2.6 Amps of intensity @ 5v by means of the standard USB charging yield port and this permits fast sun based telephone energizing in brilliant bright conditions and this likewise permits speedier reviving in halfway radiant conditions.

The board we have made here is utilizing the most astounding effectiveness sun powered cells available, a similar sort Mono Crystalline sun oriented cells that are utilized in the prominent glass sun oriented boards you see on the highest point of expansive structures and homes everywhere throughout the world. The sun powered cells are 24% effective at transforming daylight into power versus the other collapsing sun powered boards that utilization ThinFilm sun based cells that are just 8-9% proficient at transforming daylight into power. The higher the proficiency of the sun based cell the less surface zone it takes to produce 1w of intensity.

Mono Crystalline sun based cells are typically evaluated to deliver 85% of their appraised yield control over a multi Year time span which is something you won’t see thin film sun oriented cell producers asserting. Primary concern is that our convenient sun based USB charging boards will continue delivering near their evaluated 12 watt control yield rating for up to 25 years if appropriately dealt with.