10 Glowing Skin Secrets You Need in Your Skincare Regimen

Ever wondered how to get glowing skin and maintain it? Inspired by Korean beauty trends these glowing skin secrets are the golden key to a new and improved skincare routine. Taking care of your skin is a long process! Avoiding breakouts and aging long term takes effort. It’s important to know what skincare tips work! Through hours of detailed research, these glowing skincare secrets will have you stunned at the increased quality of your skin overtime. 

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? It’s every girl’s dream to glow from the inside out! No breakouts or insecurities to worry about feels out of reach for most. Glowing skin allows your inner confidence to shine bright. Consider this guide to be your skincare handbook to glowing skin!

Here are the most effective 10 glowing skin secrets trending in Korean beauty that are sure to change your skin quality long term:

  1. Take Your Vitamins

Glowing from the inside out starts with your diet. It’s scientifically proven that glowing skin starts with a good diet. You’ll notice when you’ve had one too many cheat days, filled with pizza and greasy nachos, you might get a couple breakouts. However, a diet high in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, and lycopene may help maintain skin’s elasticity and overall health.

  1. Exfoliate Once to Twice a Week

Using a light exfoliating face wash or using an exfoliating wash cloth to get removed dead skin cells is extremely helpful! However, exfoliating everyday is not ideal for great skin quality. It can actually damage your skin in the long run to exfoliate everyday. If you exfoliate once or twice a week, you’ll see a significant difference in clear skin without damaging your skin long term.

  1. Steam is Your Friend

Limit your long steamy showers and steam room visits to 15 minutes maximum! Using steam excessively in your skincare routine opens your pores and strips away natural skin producing oils that help your skin glow. Steam is a fantastic skincare tool if used correctly! Make sure to remove all makeup before using steam on your face. Then massage gently in circular motions to promote blood flow in your face.

  1. Use Skin Essence

Skin essence and serum are great for promoting skin elasticity! Moisturizers are a must and serums are the cherry on top to accelerate your journey to glowing skin.

  1. Assess Your Skin Type and Moisturize Appropriately

It’s no secret that moisturizer is necessary to any skincare regimen. It’s important to consider the type of moisturizer you’re using. If you tend to have dry skin, using a thicker cream for dry skin is helpful for restoring electricity and collagen in your skin. If you tend to have oily or combo skin I recommend using a lightweight gel moisturizer!

  1. Charcoal Sheet Masks

Just like exfoliation, charcoal sheet masks should be used only once a week! Charcoal detoxes our pores and stripes excess oil from the skin. Charcoal can dry,so don’t do this too often. A quick 10 min charcoal face mask is a great way to detox lungs from your pores for glowing skin.

  1. Nighttime Barley Tea 

Rich in antioxidants barley tea is served at most traditional Korean restaurants to promote blood circulation! Drinking Barley Tea before going to bed can promote blood circulation while you sleep. You’ll find your way waking up with glowing skin!

  1.   Get Your Beauty Sleep

It’s not called beauty rest for nothing! Beauty sleep is necessary to relieve stress! For glowing skin to glow from the inside out, you must take care of yourself. Skin appears dull without blood circulation provided by a good night’s rest.

  1. Top Lip Oil

Natural oils like coconut and avocado oil are great for adding an extra touch of nutrients to dry lips. It’s better than lip gloss, as it absorbs into the skin for lasting moisturized benefits and skinning glowing lips.

 10.  Blurring Primers + Foundations

To top off your glowing skin care routine, using pore refining primers and foundations are great for a smooth finish makeup hack! Air cushion foundation is a great lightweight sheer full coverage foundation without ever looking heavy.

In Conclusion

Ready to upgrade your skin to your dream skincare goals? Try out all of these glowing skin secrets consistently and you will see change! And let us know how beneficial these glowing skin secrets have been for you!

 I hope this guide to clear glowing skin has given you great insight to what you can tweak in your weekly skincare regimen. Your confidence as you upgrade your skincare is sure to glow from the inside out!

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